Special Techniques


01CCTV Videoscope Inspection.

Wide range of probe size and length to monitoring vessel or pipeline internal condition.

02Corrosion Mapping.

Rapidly inspect the thickness of large metallic structure at small measurement intervals, providing a high-detail thickness map of the scanned surface.

03Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

Can inspect ferronmagnetic tubes up to 3.5 inches in diameter. Flexible probes can be use to inspect and travel through U-bend areas.

04Remote Field Eddy Current (RFET):

Fast inspection. Distinguishes betweem ID and OD flaws. Reliability and accuracy of tests results.

05TOFD Inspection.

An ultrasonic application. Detect and sizing defect on weldment accurately. Present B or D-scan..

06Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL):

Powerful magnet is used to magnetiza the steel. Detect corrosion and pitting in pipelines, storage tanks and fin fan cooler.

07Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS):

Submerse ultrasonic testing. Can examine both ferromagnetic and non ferromagnetic tubes.

08Wire Rope Inspection.

As a means of improving the reliability of the initial identification location of significant degradation along the rope. Based on the prinpicle og MFL.


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